Managing all social media channels in one place.

Managing All Social Media Channels In One Place. The Publisher is the module that allows you to publish your content on Facebook and Twitter. You have the option to post individually or on many social media accounts at the same time. A company with many Facebook pages can, for example, host an event using all their websites in one place.

Publisher Functions

With the Publisher, you can easily publish your content on one or more social media accounts. Which can save valuable time and it is also easy to see when, and on what channels your team members plan contributions.

  • Check Your Posts In Preview Mode

    The Publisher provides you a live preview, where you have, at a glance, how your post would look after you have submitted it. So, you can directly control the inputs and optimise your contribution.

  • Add Media Content And Schedule Your Posts.

    You can add articles such as videos, images or entire albums, integrate website links, or translate your text. Plan what time you want to publish your posts – the Publisher automatically accepts your posts.

  • Post Fitting For Your Audience.

    Benefit the targeting capabilities of FaceBook, by publishing your posts to target a specific group.

  • Plan Contributions Directly Via FaceBook For The Use Of Advertisement.

    By posting using FaceBook, the Publisher can schedule these posts onto FaceBook directly. Also advertising of these posts via FaceBook is possible.


Using A Calendar To Keep Track

With the integrated publishing calendar you can see at a glance which date contributions are planned and whether contributions which have been published are ready. A month, a week, or list view is available. So you have more control over the level and the success of your social media activities.



Take the approval process in the Team.


The Publisher can assist you best via a built-in approval process of their work in the team. It can also design posts and assign them to a team member for the release. Only after confirmation by this team member’s contribution, will it be published.

Christian Klemm

Quotation Marks

As a globally active company, we have employees who take care of local social media channels all over the world. With the help of 247GRAD CONNECT, we can organise ourselves better and globally coordinate our social media activities.

— Christian Klemm, Bayer CropScience AG

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