Integrated web and social media monitoring

Access to the latest mentions regarding your given keywords in news sites, blogs, forums but also on social media websites such as facebook, twitter and others.

Mentions on the internet

Matching conversations about your brand must be an integral part of your daily dealing on the Internet. Keep your company name, your product and your opinions in the press or reviews in your eye. Through our integrated Web and social media monitoring, you have access to the latest mentions of your specified keywords in news portals, blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter etc, grasping simple dialogues. Otherwise they would have gone over to you, and you can interact using CONNECT directly from 247GRAD. Improve your wire to the customer and offer him as a better service.


Observing the competitors

See where your competition is on the Web, and use this information for its own marketing strategies. Analyze your market companions and take advantage of the opportunity to engage directly in discussions to promote your own brand.

Watch mentions of your brand

See what is said about you, your brand and your products. Like, retweet or favor mentions within social media, and thus strengthening your brand name.

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Within certain dialog, if you’re not expected, make an entrance. This comes across positively on your business. Inquiries for your customer service in the social web can be applied directly within the helpdesk and the team can respond accordingly. Your customers will thank you.

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Christian Klemm

Quotation Marks

As a globally active company, we have employees who take care of local social media channels all over the world. With the help of 247GRAD CONNECT, we can organise ourselves better and globally coordinate our social media activities.

— Christian Klemm, Bayer CropScience AG

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