Always keep track

The dashboard allows you to keep track of things quickly and easily. Like what kind of activities are going on, and all this can be acheived while on the go. This enables you to not miss any important social media posts.

At A Glance

On the dashboard, you will be able to see where action is required, what social media posts you can share, where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing. You can also see when certain comments may need your attention. The first key figures are presented, so that you have the optimal start, no matter what activity you’d want to do first.


What Is Going On In Your Community?

See what conversations have been assigned to you, and respond accordingly. Recognize at the same time, whether in the last two days something has been posted, and hasn’t been noticed, or answered, as there can be a high volume of comments and messages that are often being made.

Release Posts.

Social Media posts are displayed directly onto the dashboard, which do not interrupt the workflow. From there, you have the opportunity to share this, edit, or reject posts.

Dashboard Freizugeben

What’s Coming, What Is, What Was

Notice which posts will be published in the next few days and which posts have already been published. So, you can respond directly if you find gaps in your communications. On special days that may be interesting for your social media activities.

Dashboard letzte Veröffentlichungen

Notification Headquarter

Get notifications about what recently happened on your social media accounts, who in your team dealt with which tasks, and where your band has been mentioned on the Web or in social media. Thus, you always have control over your presence in the Word Wide Web.

Michael Höcker

Quotation Marks

For the publication of social media content, as well as respond to user requests, we use 247GRAD CONNECT. We are excited mainly by the collaboration possibilities with which our teams can work together efficiently.

— Michael Höcker, Landwirtschaftsverlag

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