Content Planner

Collect ideas and plans

Within the content planer you can easily save themes, pictures links and templates from your own posts. It is on you and your team to decide on how or when to use it for your posts.

Content managing as a Team

In the content Planner you can save themes, images, graphics, links and templates for their own posting. Collect your Web finds into one place, so you can share later on within the team or on your social media accounts. Help the colleagues in their research or discuss content just in software – without E-MA.


Collect ideas online

Use the 247GRAD CONNECT browser extension for Google chrome, from anywhere in the Web , you can store or share any content quickly. Users of 247GRAD, who are already using CONNECT? You can install your extension  here.

Available in Chrome Web Store


Manage link collections

Articles that inspire you, web pages or other external content, you can use later on by using the storage. Whether you use it from the chrome extension, or things you have designed manually – thus this develops its own small database of image and text materials you can discuss within the team.


Deploy image content

Simply upload your image content for future social media posts or manage existing content from anywhere by using the image library. Add photos, graphics and logo designs that are available for your team-mates, and communicate using the internal memo.

Medien verwalten

Create templates for the publisher

In conjunction with the Publisher, you can easily customize templates by social media contributions for your team. Thus, your colleagues can easily liven up their social media accounts. This feature is often used by retailers and agencies.

Learn more about publishing

Michael Höcker

Quotation Marks

For the publication of social media content, as well as respond to user requests, we use 247GRAD CONNECT. We are excited mainly by the collaboration possibilities with which our teams can work together efficiently.

— Michael Höcker, Landwirtschaftsverlag

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