Social Media Numbers

Keep your developed channels in sight and make sure that your activities and your campaigns are continuously optimized. With the Analytics module for 247GRAD CONNECT, this makes it very quick and easy.

Analysis for your social media profiles

To achieve long term success, it is essential to measure all relevant key figures – not only for the individual channels, but also for the entire social media presence. In our analytics module, you will find everything at a glance and can gain insight from this for your work in the upcoming future. How much is the entire range? How many people follow you? What is your response time?


Measure your performance

Distribution metrics and statistics so you can see interaction and impact of your social media communication. Therefore you will know what is good for your account, and what is not. In addition, you see also see the response time per account, which allows the classification of your social customer service.

All channels, all key figures

Any account which you integrate CONNECT into 247GRAD, finds him or herself in the Analytics module. You have access to the most important figures in there and you can derive for your social media communication procedure.

Analytics All Accounts

Better posts

It is important to gain insight into what works and what does not. For example, you can see top and flop posts that ask the best times and days of the week and thus optimize your social media planning. Our analytics help in the decision-making process.

Analytics Top and Flop Posts

Reporting made easy

Creating regular reports becomes child’s play with our analytics module. This saves time every month! See all of your social media accounts in the overview and arrange them, for example by growth, reach, engagement or response time.

Christian Klemm

Quotation Marks

As a globally active company, we have employees who take care of local social media channels all over the world. With the help of 247GRAD CONNECT, we can organise ourselves better and globally coordinate our social media activities.

— Christian Klemm, Bayer CropScience AG

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